JL STUDIO is an award-winning team of interior architecture specialists, with more than a decade’s experience on a range of noted projects. Our interiors blend pared-back appeal with a contemporary European feel, resulting in spaces that combine elegance, function and serenity.

"I believe that every interior should be reflection of its owners. The uniqueness of our clients is always the starting point. From there, we unfold the narrative, as if painting a portrait, through architectural forms, furniture and lighting"

From her earliest years, Jenny dreamed of devoting herself to interior design. She studied painting at art college and after graduating from university, she worked for a small design studio and then for a bigger architectural company before launching her own practice in 2011.


Jenny dives deep into each project, bringing her creativity to every stage of the process, including conceptualization, 3D visualization, architectural drawings, furnishing and site supervision. She nurtures a strong team committed to creating schemes that reflect their owners’ tastes and passions, while standing the test of time.


Architectural Designer / Founder, JL STUDIO



We create architectural, multi-layered projects that are self-sufficient in their inherent design, meaning that they require little adornment. Interior architecture is a key consideration, including built-in furniture to create graphic forms that naturally shape and divide the space. The resulting design is a cohesive and integrated whole. We meticulously consider the interplay of volume, proportion, materials and textures throughout the design process, allowing us to interact with space in novel ways. Each of our projects reflects the personality of its inhabitants, their lifestyles, and needs.



Every scheme that we conceive tells a fresh and original story. One that shines a light on its owners, their lifestyle and their vision of the world. We adopt the same approach when we design products for brands – working to reflect a story, an ethos, a concept, a new idea or new meaning through furniture form. We achieve that through spatial planning, materiality and palette combined with a deep understanding of our clients.



We carefully consider and meticulously execute every detail. We believe that the perfect balance of colour, proportion and functionality is essential in creating an environment that not only delights the senses but also inspires personal growth. Our interiors are designed to foster serenity and harness a sense of positivity and wellbeing. Our commitment to creating luxurious spaces is unwavering, and we take great pride in our ability to transform ordinary interiors into extraordinary works of art.



High-quality materials, texture and tonal palettes allow us to create schemes that are not only visually appealing, but functional and durable. The result is timeless interiors and furniture that will delight their owners for many years.



We focus on providing our clients with long-lasting comfort; a cherished home that they can return to after their travels; a place that evokes a sense of pride and security. We believe that a well-designed home should be a source of strength and inspiration.



We work as a cohesive team both internally and with external stakeholders. A project depends on multiple specialists joining forces seamlessly. Therefore, we actively search out contractors that share our collaborative philosophy.



The outside world remains an inspiration and an anchor in our designs. We take our cue from the colours and materiality provided by nature, believing that a home should be in constant dialogue with its setting.






We would kindly suggest that you email us for further information about our projects and services.