BATIMAT Russia: Taking part in our first exhibition

It seems like 2020has just begun, however it may become one of the most exciting and active years for us so far. Among many other things, preparation for BATIMAT Russia, an international exhibition we took part in, was a true highlight of this winter. In this post, we share a short reportage from this outstanding event.

BATIMAT is an annual international construction and interior design exhibition bringing together manufacturers, designers and architects from all around the world. This year, for the very first time, an absolutely new project was held within the exhibition framework - Global Design. An exposition of original interior solutions delivered has been presented to share the ideas and vision of young and promising designers. 

We were thrilled to get an opportunity to participate in this event, as the organizing committee invited us personally. With the tightest deadline,our team started to work on the project immediately. As a result, we presented a unique interior of a living room and a master bedroom. Restrained cozy minimalism – that’s what our Moon Night project is all about.

The Crocus Expo pavilion was filled with stands by talented designers from Russia and Europe. Minimalism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Classics –interior styles of literally any kind were presented at the exhibition, so that both professionals and visitors could get some inspiration for their new projects.

We were so glad to meet our friends and colleagues who came to experience the Moon Night. 

And, of course, we would like to say big thanks to all our partners and contractors. This project would never be possible without your support and help! Thank you for the best materials, for the highest quality, and, most importantly, for your trust! Together we made it!