AMClassic Factory

Why do I like this factory? The answer is simple - they make AUTHENTIC, LIVING classics! Without golden dust in the eyes and excessive show-off. This is the furniture that BREATHES, looking at it, I certainly want to touch, feel the living tree. This furniture, like good wine, only gets better with time! It may be smooth or aged initially, but after a year, five, ten, new cracks, scratches and dents that always appear on furniture in the living room will only embellish it. As for quality, there is no doubt that it has been idle for more than a dozen years. There is no MDF, chipboard, or other substitutes in its frame. All components are natural wood, the production technology of which has been honed for many years and passed from generation to generation.


AMClassic factory was founded in 1962. This was a family business and back then it bore the name of its founder Armando Ferreira da Silva & Filhos, Lda. Over the years, it has gained popularity without betraying traditions. In 2011, the brothers rebranded, giving a new name and a new lease of life to furniture, which their family dynasty has been manufacturing for decades.


The factory itself is located in a picturesque place called Frasao Pasus de Ferreira. Now the factory employs 180 people, but shortly, a significant staff expansion is planned. At the same time, the factory focuses on the manual processing of all carved parts and the aging of furniture. No machine can do it like a man. This is one of the most important points for me.


Another equally important point is that the factory can always make any unconventional item, without charging twice as much, as many Italian manufacturers do (and not only Italian). All issues can be resolved with the design department, having explained what exactly is needed for the project. But that is not all! The older brother of Diamantino - Silva, who is responsible for the design part of the question, selection of materials and many other points, accommodated in solving our unusual interior issue and said that after receiving more accurate data on the amount of material, he would be able to find old beams and tree trunks that will be in our interior! Where else have you seen anything like this?! This is a man who loves his job! And such people always radiate incredible energy and it is a huge pleasure to work with them!


After having visited the factory, we went to the showroom. Its design is simply marvelous! Each detail stands in its place, each accessory is perfectly matched. Now is the time for the series of photos from the showroom.

But the fun was only yet to begin) The showroom presented a new, minimalistic collection that made an incredible impression on me! Look at these straight lines, this brass!


The factory produces such a beauty that it is impossible not to fall in love with it! And this is not surprising, because the nature in this area is very unusual and mesmerizing in its beauty. Hilly terrain, rocks that break through the soil and countless greenery! There are so many varieties of plants that I couldn’t remember all the names) In addition to palm trees and familiar leafy species, bamboo and eucalyptus also grow in Portugal (there are lots of it)! It was a surprise for me.


Of course, having been in Portugal, I wanted to get acquainted with the country itself. The organizers thought about it as well! We were shown several cities: Porto, Aveiro and a bit of Costa Nova.

Porto is a beautiful city on the relief. Standing on the riverbank, you can see how the houses are lined up one above the other and form a beautiful panorama with their colorful facades. You can look at the waterfront and appreciate all its beauty from up above by taking the funicular. A river flows into the ocean, which is very close.

To connect the coast, several bridges were erected here. One of them was designed by Eiffel himself. It turned out to be very powerful and at the same time well-balanced!

Porto is also famous for its port. It is produced here by many winery houses. The best of it, the Portuguese themselves consider FERREIRA. The woman glorified this port! Dona Antonia Adelaide Ferreira was not a founder, instead, she took the reins after the death of her husband (he was in the fourth generation of owners). During her management years, she significantly expanded the territory of the vineyards and glorified Ferreira port all over the world!


Aveira is located not far from Porto.

Due to the presence of canals, it can be called Portuguese Venice). In this city, sea salt was and is still being produced.

Fishermen’s houses along the canal are tiled, as sea salt corroded other decoration materials. While we walked along the streets, we did not see a single identical house. This unusual and beautiful city will linger in your memory forever!

Costa nova

For just a short while we stopped at the Costa Nova embankment.

These unusual houses resemble swimwear from the distant 20s. And the atmosphere here is 100% coastal!