Why do I love Italy? I don’t know, maybe for its architecture, maybe for the atmosphere, for design, for everything that Italians do, for what they create. It is impossible to get there and return the same person(well, if you are at least a little creative). Every time I find myself here, I am fueled for a long time with energy for creativity, like a battery after full charge! GREAT THANKS to Tatyana Moroz for this trip!

Tour of the Albergo Gallia Luxury Hotel

This is the work of Marco Piva studio hand. The tour was conducted for us by the chief designer of the project Daniela Baldo.

We were shown all types of rooms, told about all the nuances and difficulties that arose during design and implementation processes. It was VERY interesting!

An incredible lamp in the stairwell through all floors of the building (photo on the left). For the domes not to break, each one is wearing a protective silicone element. And the photo on the right, what do you think it is? It's hard to imagine, but this is the hall to the restrooms :)

A very small restaurant, with three Michelin stars :) Here you can dine for quite affordable money, just don’t forget to book a table in the morning;)

Part of the largest 1000m2 hotel room. The influence of the customers’ eastern vibe is felt.

OIKOS Workshop

Oh, how he talks about the process, how his hands move in the process! A true artist! This must be seen with one’s own eyes.


And of course the walks! I love to walk around the city :) In January we have wild cold and snowdrifts, and in Milan it’s sunny and trees even start to bloom!