‘Peredelka’ show: behind the scenes

Peredelka’ is probably the most popular renovation TV show in Western Europe. The idea is that one of the rooms in an apartment can be repaired up by a professional team. What a dream, right?!

Our studio has taken part in this Russian show for the third time. In this post, we share our experience of working on a living room project for a wonderful family from Moscow. Interested? Keep on reading then!

Key facts

Before we get down to the details, let us give you answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the show:  

"Show participants leave their homes for the entire period of renovation until the room is done”;

"They don’t know any details about the interior design project and don’t take part in its ideation and implementation”;

"The renovation is completely free of charge for the apartment owners”;

“The project duration takes from 2 to 4 months, depending on the project’s complexity and the season of the year”.

As already mentioned, it was our third time taking part in the ‘Peredelka’ show. Producers invited us to implement a new interior design project, having successfully worked with us previously: we have delivered a bathroom in a country house (ANTIC) and a bedroom in a small Moscow apartment (CABAÑA).

The process of ART project’s implementation went as smoothly and calm as never before. We worked with a fantastic project team, where everyone understood each other perfectly and collaborated efficiently towards the common goal. Producers and builders agreed with our vision and took on the manufacturing of sophisticated items despite the tight deadline. At the same time, we supported reasonable optimization suggestions they gave us.

On any project, it’s crucial to work with reliable constructors who share the same vision and attitude as of yours. Fortunately, we were lucky to have the opportunity to engage our beloved partners into the ART project.

Concrete coffee tables of a beautiful terracotta color were artfully made by ‘BETON’ company.

SofaClub’ team war responsible for soft furniture pieces. The quality of their work is just outstanding: even the back of their sofa and armchairs is crafted perfectly, bracket to bracket - like the prestigious furniture from the best Italian manufacturers!

Two different teams worked on the brass door, one of the interior’s major highlights. ‘AlfaInox’ was entrusted with the delivery of the brass part. Their task was to achieve the realistic old effect on the metal surface, and they did it masterfully! Then Moscow-based contractors took care of the installation: they united the MDF frame and brass and installed the custom-made handles, so that to assemble the entire piece properly. Thank you to Anton Averyanov for assistance in organazing the process.

Another noticeable interior elements are the TV console and the windowsill. Their surface is coated with epoxy resin and matted in a way to make it look genuine and natural. The paneling artwork was beautifully made by a Belarusian artist Lana Shkulepa. The team from ‘Svarok Master’, in turn, took care of the matte finish to bring in the required visual effect.

Stunning parquet flooring was made by ‘Woodberry’. A deep foggy shade of gray and a checkerboard pattern allowed recreating the atmosphere of a real Stalin-era apartment: it seems that the authentic floor from that time has been expertly restored.

The outcome of the show is always unpredictable: you can never know if the homeowners are going to like the interior. It can be pure happiness and joy just like complete disappointment and frustration.

We are so pleased that the show participants genuinely loved the final result. You could instantly see it in their eyes when they first opened the door to their newly made living room. And that’s the most important thing for us: understanding that you’ve made the life of a family a little better through your work.