We were tasked with creating a comfortable space for this young clothing brand and to evoke its family ethos, based on the concept of a woman remembering the warm knitted clothes created by her grandmother Evdokia. With an emphasis on texture and rustic appeal, the showroom’s atmosphere implies a woman's immersion in her roots and the nature of belonging - something that is so often lacking for women in a big city.


Interior stylist: Yes We May

Photo: Dmitri Tsyrenshchikov


"We wanted to reflect a special family story using modern architectural techniques in an elegant and stylish way"

We opened up this basement space, which features a concrete floor and brick walls, whitewashing the area for a relaxed, simple feel. Combined with additional mirrors, the space is now airier and brighter. We unified the look by instating a white finish to all walls and previously darker areas, creating a simple, cohesive feel.

We introduced an additional mirror in the illuminated niche to ensure that customers can view themselves from various angles and in several lighting conditions. A counter decorated with small textured tiles serves as both a place for customers to relax and communicate, as well as a useful workspace for store managers.