A three-storey house, situated in a cottage estate surrounded by fir trees. Finishes, colours and textures have been carefully selected to complement the natural surroundings. Our brief was to highlight the existing curvilinear architecture while adding cosiness and ergonomics to the space. We were tasked with ensuring privacy for each family member, at the same time creating a welcoming and inviting space for guests and friends.


"Every corner of this home is dedicated to bringing the forest inside, while staying within the framework of warm, modern minimalism"

A cascading light fixture, curvilinear kitchen, stone-like pouffes and a variety of tactile materials infuse the house with individuality and emphasise its graphic architecture. We paid close attention to the design of common areas such as the pool, billiards room, and lounge with a terrace on the upper floor.

The house's architecture has been thoughtfully crafted to allow for movement from the upper terrace, which includes a roof slope covered in grass. Different types of wood and textures on the walls and floors bring warmth and tranquillity. The result is a grounding, earthy space that fully absorbs its surroundings while remaining forward-thinking and imaginative in its approach.

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