FFor this city hotel, we wanted to create an atmosphere of relaxation with a subtly sensuous undertone. Deep hues and graphic shapes intentionally suggest a masculine, misty space filled with cigar smoke and subdued lighting, ideal for meeting friends, reading the newspapers or simply being alone with one's thoughts.


"Art pieces set the mood for this space, creating a sense of mystery and escapism"

A rich burgundy adds depth and acts as an ideal foil for dramatic artworks. Cacti combined with voluminous theatrical chandeliers, pentagonal tables on classic parquet floors and deeply textured seating, emphasise understated luxury and privacy. 

Art objects set the mood for the space, leaving a sense of confusion and mystery, evoking a feeling of questions that have no answers. The scent of suede and smouldering incense sticks fills the space with an aroma that induces a sense of calm and tranquillity. The result is a space that feels both restful and enticing; evocative and sophisticated.