Our concept, reflecting the brand's ethos of unity of mind, soul, and body, was intended to set the tone for future stores. The brief was to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in a store that is located on one of the main streets of a busy city.


Photo: Sergey Melnikov


"We were tasked with enhancing the brand's unique identity, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and refinement"

Partitions dividing the room were removed and large windows, a boon for any interior, emphasised. Classic white walls with mouldings are accentuated by herringbone flooring, while metal hangers with arched brass elements gracefully anchor the space. The reception zone, decorated with white marble- effect tiles, has a minimalistic cubic shape. An aged mirror on the wall adds contrast to the entrance space.

In the fitting area, soft velvets and warming mustards combined with custom oval-shaped mirrors incorporating LED lighting ensure that clothes look natural when buyers try them on. This approach allowed us to fuse elegance and comfort, history and modernity -  all the unique features of the brand.