LaTrika is a flagship boutique located in the heart of a busy city centre. Our brief was to create a functional space for customer convenience while reflecting the brand's philosophy on the unity of mind, body and soul. The shopfront’s minimalistic composition of wood, greenery and stone acts as a portal to its serene interior.


Photo: Dmitri Tsyrenshchikov


"Our focus was to create a calm, atmospheric space that would reflect the brand’s overall ethos"

The showroom walls are designed in a neutral colour to serve as a simple backdrop to clothing. To create a sense of spatial complexity, we incorporated stone masonry and introduced green planting to create a clean, airy interior. Special lighting was set up to nourish the trees in the absence of the sun and create a mysterious atmosphere in the boutique in the evenings.

The focal point is a large moon-shaped ceiling lamp that fascinates with its glow, suspended above a comfortable grey sofa. A special task was to implement a unique selfie zone that would accurately convey the brand's DNA. The result is an interior whose treatment aligns with the aesthetic of the label, creating a harmonious whole.