LEAF collection for FMF atelier

Leaf, with its emphasis on marble and classic forms, has a perennial feel, with tops resembling the form of a leaf, pierced by ‘veins’ in the shape of milling. Irregular geometry and rounded corners emphasise a feeling of naturalness. This collection brings a softening, picturesque accent to contemporary interiors.


"Leaf elegantly blends natural contours into your living space, merging the grace of the outdoors with your home's interior"

Available in four veneer options, including American walnut, European walnut, white and black oak. Marble finishes encompass white with black veins, white with beige veins, green and brown.

Tables can also be combined with stone for an even more fluid and organic feel. The resulting tabletop can be made of veneer, stone, or a combination of both - one half of stone, the other of veneer. This level of flexibility allows for truly unique pieces designed to perfectly suit bespoke interiors schemes.