A two-storey home located on the picturesque Mediterranean coast, designed for a family of six. We created a vibrant yet cosy atmosphere that would convey the essence of the sea and improve with time. Despite the tranquil maritime ambiance, the house is equipped with all the necessary amenities for a large family who enjoy cooking, working from home and entertaining guests.


"Here, family members from around the globe gather to enjoy a peaceful and harmonious seaside retreat"

Our design concept revolved around combining the simplicity and natural charm of the Mediterranean via rustic textures including aged wood, stone, cracked mirrors and worn leather. To achieve this effect, we sourced sea-inspired elements, such as ceramic tiles resembling fish scales for the kitchen, mother-of-pearl lamps and large tropical plants for the dining room.

A soft and elegant colour scheme was inspired by nature itself, while a harmonious combination of mosaic, marble and crystal finishing elements contributes to a classic style. Rough wood, dark aged metal, columns and natural stone add an organic element.