We adopted a minimalist though deeply textured approach to this small but perfectly formed West London restaurant with its focus on vegan and pescatarian fine dining. Cosiness, warmth and approachability were key elements, as well as a sense of playfulness given that the project also incorporates a secret basement dining area for twelve. Greenery and floral forms were also integral, but conceived in a graphic, schematic way so as not to overload the interior.


"Noble interior architecture is restrained in colour and style so as to ensure the focus shifts instead to colourful plates of food"

A wall combining mirror and wooden cut outs forms the shape of leaves which also helping to realign the proportions of the space. The plant theme continues to the tables, where tops are made of plaster plant casts, covered in resin for function as well as form. Sustainable oak veneer and pale marble lend a light touch.

The basement of the restaurant has no windows and includes restrooms, as well as a secret room for special service. The interior decoration is implemented by dark and deep tones to maintain a chamber atmosphere and the feeling of being underground, similar to a plant's root system. The root system of the botwa plant is reflected in the plant decor of the male and female restroom sink area. Soft warm yellow lighting gives depth to the composition and shows the difference between the smooth wall textures and relief branches (roots).

In contrast, we gave the basement a moody treatment to play up to its underground setting. Inspired by the form and look of a plant’s root function, we played with the concept of branch décor, contrasting this with smooth wall textures and soft, warm lighting. Exposed brick and raw textured wood completes the look.