A polished clothing brand SELF MADE  brand located in a busy shopping centre in a major city. Our goal was to reflect the brand's mission to empower strong, independent women who embrace their femininity and sensuality.  We wanted to create a modern, uncomplicated space that served as an ideal showcase for the brand’s unique pieces and sense of authenticity.


Photo: Lizya Kulenenok


"We were tasked with designing a distinctive interior that would immediately capture the interest of customers, evoking a sense of timeless good quality"

A harmonious fusion of contrasting elements such as simplicity and refinement underpin the boutique's design scheme. Subtle walls, sleek architectural lines and raw textural finishes evoke minimalist traditions, while rich terracotta velvet fabrics soften the space's geometry, contributing to a warm and inviting atmosphere.

In a secluded area of the boutique, three fitting rooms are furnished with clothing racks, plush ottomans and phone shelves, complemented by warm lighting and generous mirrors to optimise customer experience. Velvet drapes lend a subtle touch of sophistication and opulence.