SQUARES collection for FMF atelier

Our expressive Squares design features a combination of simple shapes and colourful finishes from gloss to super-matte, for a softly contemporary effect. 


"Unusual veneers, from maple to eucalyptus, contain their own fascinating beauty, captured in our designs in a simple, contemporary way"

Our studio has looked to materials such as Green Bird's Eye Maple, Blue Madrona Burt and White Eucalyptus and given them a modern context via a simple, elegant silhouette and an oxidised metal column. The idea is to reframe a material often only seen in classic interiors and turn them into accent elements whose unique beauty is celebrated. 

We work with veneers that are complex in pattern and colour but simple in their square, geometric  format. Contrast is key: matte metal is juxtaposed with glossy wood, or shiny lacquered metal with matte veneer. The full beauty of the veneer is revealed through a glass tabletop, delicately held like a supporting wall. The result are pieces that add depth and texture in an unfussy, graphic way.